I currently remove eosio.stake from snapshots to calculate the total supply https://www.eossnapshots.io/

There are various EOS system accounts, are there any other I need to remove?


When adding all the accounts together my sum is roughly 1 billion but CNC lists 900 million as supply.


CNC lists EOS as Total Supply and 906.245.118 EOS as Circulating Supply so your rough 1billion are probably valid for Total Supply

Block.one's account with accountname "b1" holds 10% of the initial token-supply but these tokens are locked for 10 years. That's why CMC only shows 900Mil instead of 1Billion.

For the Total Supply I wouldn't remove any additional accounts from the snapshot. For Circulating Supply I would also remove "eosio.ramfee", "eosio.saving" as these balances are (currently) fully locked, as long as REX is not enabled - and the "b1"-account. I would assume that CMC is not removing these system-accounts from their calculations so the answer to your question depends on what exactly you want to calculate.

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