q=account:eosio.token action:transfer&sort=desc

I restricted the action to transfer, but there are some transactions in the result that are not transfer. What is the reason?

q=receiver:eosio.token action:transfer data.from:eosbetcrash1 data.to:eosbetbank11&sort=desc

I want to implement the basic transaction query now. For example, I wrote this. According to my understanding, I should receive the transaction of eosbetcrash1 to eosbetbank11, but the data actually received is not that

Before I queried some parameters, I couldn't find the reason for the result shown. I found it because I didn't add sort=desc, but why can't I find the result in ascending order? Can I find the result by doing descending search? So this is still back to the beginning of the question, in the case of not setting start_block, block_count and other parameters, what is the default query scope?

  • There's no parameter for 'sort' in dfuse SQE. Are you using some third-party-lib ? – cmadh Feb 25 '19 at 15:35
  • There is a sort parameter: https://docs.dfuse.io/#rest-api-get-v0-search-transactions which in fact is misleading as it indicates in which direction to search either forward (from start block X and higher) or backward (from start block X and lower). – Matt Mar 11 '19 at 20:57

At the time of writing, block_count has a default value of around 1000000. If you want to search everything, do pass a huge block_count that covers the full chain history.

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