I am aware of the option --validation-mode=light when starting nodeosto have the node skip the verification of the transaction in each block, making the sync faster, and the CPU requirements for the node lower.

However, I would like to have the blocks pruned, keeping only the latest irreversible block on disk so I could run a validation node in a lower specs machine.

How can I delete the blocks of the chain keeping only the most recent blocks?

Is there an option to start nodeosfor that? (--help does not say anything about that).

Should I delete the blocks.bin and leave the forkdb file only?

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I would look into EOS Rio's Hyperion Solution for producing a light full history node. This could help achieve your goal of reducing the node's storage requirements as well as decreasing the syncing time.

From their announcement:

Changing format and cutting data redundancies reduces database size in about 85%, from almost 5 Tb to approximately 650 Gb. To further improve performance we engineered a multi-threaded indexer that extracts data from the state history plugin and makes it possible to ingest the complete EOS blockchain in approximately 72 hours with proper hardware optimization, while the current solutions can take weeks.




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