I'm reading this article: https://developers.eos.io/eosio-nodeos/docs/accounts-and-permissions

  1. It's allowed to add many owners to single EOS account, right?
  2. It's allowed to have many active keys for single EOS account, right?

Imagine I have EOS contract created by EOS account with 2 owners and 2 active keys.

  • Every owner, active keys have weight 1
  • The threshold is set to 2.

Does it mean that single EOS owner / active key won't be able to do anything with contract? right?

Would a single active key be able to send proposal to eosio.msig contract? Another active key would catch it up and maybe sign.

  • If you have created 3-4 or may be more accounts using same keys.Your wallet may be same but your accounts are treated differently. And for your eosio.msig double can you explain a little bit more? Mar 5, 2019 at 7:57

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Yes, you are correct. If all permissions on the account have threshold of 2+, and all keys have weight of 1, no one actor (alone) can perform any action on the account.

Take a look at the eosio.prods permissions, you'll notice the active key have threshold of 15 and there are 21 keys with weight of 1. Might not be the best example, as it is a special account with null-ed owner key, but I like it as an example of advanced permissions.

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