I am going through the eos tutorial but I got stuck at the contract broadcast.

When I compile the contract with eosio-cpp -o hello.wasm hello.cpp --abigen the console seems to get stuck and I have to use CTRL+C to gain back control and following that I get:

Warning, empty ricardian clause file
Warning, empty ricardian clause file
Warning, action does not have a ricardian contract

.abi and .wasm files for the contract are still generated.

When I try to broadcast my contract with cleos set contract hello CONTRACTS_DIR/hello -p hello@active I get the following:

Reading WASM from /home/techbro965/contracts/hello/hello.wasm...
Publishing contract...
Error 3070003: Serialization Error Processing WASM
Error Details: mutable globals cannot be imported: globalImport.type.isMutable
pending console output:

I am using eosio.cdt-1.4.1 and eosio_1.5.0_1_ubuntu-18.04 Below is my smart contract from the tutorial:

#include <eosiolib/eosio.hpp>

using namespace eosio;

class [[eosio::contract("hello")]] hello : public contract {
  using contract::contract;

  void hi( name user ) {
     print( "Hello, ", user);

EOSIO_DISPATCH( hello, (hi))

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Issue was resolved, it was a problem with the virtual machine setup. For EOS to work properly it requires a minimum of 2 CPU cores.

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