Version of EOSJS eos@fffff and eos@beta3

Describe the bug

const JsSignatureProvider = require('eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig');
const signature = new JsSignatureProvider([privKey]);

TypeError: JsSignatureProvider is not a constructor

Steps to reproduce the behavior: try and follow the first 6 lines of the documentation for getting started

Expected behavior: works

Desktop (please complete the following information): Ubuntu 16.04. node 8.14.0

Smartphone (please complete the following information): no

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try .default at the end of the sig providor module

const JsSignatureProvider = require('eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig').default;  // development only

const { Api, JsonRpc, RpcError } = require('eosjs');
const JsSignatureProvider = require('eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig').default;  // development only
const { TextEncoder, TextDecoder } = require('util');

Example use

exports.transferToken = function(paramss, context) {
  const signatureProvider = new JsSignatureProvider([context.privKey]);
  let rpc = new JsonRpc("http://jungle2.cryptolions.io:80", { fetch });
  const api = new Api({ rpc, signatureProvider, textDecoder: new TextDecoder(), textEncoder: new TextEncoder() });
  async function tx() {
    try {
      let resp = await api.transact({ actions: [{
          account: paramss.contract,
          name: 'transfer',
          authorization: [{
            actor: paramss.sender,
            permission: 'active',
          data: {
            from: paramss.sender,
            to: paramss.receiver,
            quantity: `${(paramss.amount).toFixed(4)} ${paramss.symbol}`,
            memo: paramss.memo,
      }, {
        blocksBehind: 3,
        expireSeconds: 30,
      resp = {...resp, paramss}
        return resp
      } catch(err) {
        return err

I got into the same error try using this import statement I hope it'll work

const { JsSignatureProvider } = require('eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig'); 

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