Actually I am building an application and I would like to add the ram calculation for eos there. if anyone wants to calculate the ram for the accounts creation, he can use our website.thanks.


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This is from EOS NY's eosrp.io to calculate RAM price from the API request below:


This is some info I wrote up about the formula:

What is the Bancor algorithm and how it is used for RAM trading?

cleos -u https://nodes.get-scatter.com:443 get table eosio eosio rammarket

  "rows": [{
      "supply": "10000000000.0000 RAMCORE",
      "base": {
        "balance": "11870290976 RAM",
        "weight": "0.50000000000000000"
      "quote": {
        "balance": "5789275.3804 EOS",
        "weight": "0.50000000000000000"
  "more": false

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