my node has not been able to synchronize with the mainnet for a couple of months. A few weeks ago, synchronization was on ~95% but dropped to 93% in 2 weeks. Receiving new blocks in the mainnet faster than I synchronize with my node.

I don't know what I can do to up-to-date my node.

  • Head block number on my node: 45451812
  • Head block number on mainnet node: 48645197


  • 4 vCPU (htop says that the load is about 3%)
  • 16 Gb of RAM (12gb used)
  • 500 Gb EBS type SSD with 3000iops max (but uses 1650)
  • Download: 803.79 Mbit/s
  • Upload: 900.72 Mbit/s

List of peers:

    "peer": "peer.eosn.io:9876",
    "peer": "bp.antpool.com:443",
    "peer": "fullnode.eoslaomao.com:443",
    "peer": "mars.fnp2p.eosbixin.com:443",
    "peer": "peer.main.alohaeos.com:9876",
    "peer": "peering.mainnet.eoscanada.com:9876",
    "peer": "publicnode.cypherglass.com:9876",
    "peer": "p2p.genereos.io:9876",
    "peer": "seed1.greymass.com:9876",
    "peer": "node1.eosnewyork.io:6987",
    "peer": "bp.cryptolions.io:9876",
    "peer": "eos.nodepacific.com:9876",
    "peer": "peer.eosjrr.io:9876",
    "peer": "p2p.eosdetroit.io:3018",
    "peer": "p2p.unlimitedeos.com:15555",
    "peer": "peer2.mainnet.helloeos.com.cn:80",
    "peer": "",
    "peer": "peer1.mainnet.helloeos.com.cn:80",
    "peer": "pub0.eosys.io:6637",
    "peer": "mainnet.eoscalgary.io:5222",
    "peer": "node.eosflare.io:1883",
    "peer": "p2p.eosio.cr:1976",
    "peer": "node1.eoscannon.io:59876",
    "peer": "mainnet.eospay.host:19876",
    "peer": "seed2.greymass.com:9876",
    "peer": "node2.eosnewyork.io:6987",
    "peer": "pub1.eosys.io:6637",
    "peer": "807534da.eosnodeone.io:19872",
    "peer": "eos-seed-de.privex.io:9876",
    "peer": "p2p.meet.one:9876",
  • did you restart nodeos? Also what version are you using? 1.6.3 should be best as of right now. – Matthew Darwin Mar 26 '19 at 15:33

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