I have gone through the process of building latest dawn tag and ran the verification tests; what are the next steps to follow to be able to connect to a test net my brand new shiny BP?

thank you

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Testnets are currently run by the community, and steps to join them very by the testnet.

A good place to start is the Community Testnet channel on Telegram:


  • thank you. I will select this answer cause there on the @CommunityTestnet channel most of the other testnets mentioned in the other answers can be found.
    – ovi
    Commented May 25, 2018 at 19:18

I like to analyze the full Jungle TestNet script. It really allows you to understand how to create a block producer node and how to connect to existent ones. Check http://dev.cryptolions.io/#home -- after you register as a BP you will receive a nice script.

Or just check my outdated one: https://gist.github.com/leordev/1e12b229c28735e9defbd6249e4108c5

Still works, just update the tag version.


ok, after a couple attempts to connect to a testnet I found what EOS Canadada is doing and I think it rocks and is the best approach to jumpstart the mainnet.

take a look for yourself https://youtu.be/uE5J7LCqcUc

p.s. great answers above, very hard to pick one as the answer :)

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