example code below:

client = new EoswsClient(createEoswsSocket(() => new ws(`wss://${config.dfuse.endpoint}/v1/stream?token=${config.dfuse.token}`, { origin: config.dfuse.origin })));
    await client.connect();
    client.getActionTraces({ accounts: "eoscontract1" }).onMessage(onMessage);
    client.getActionTraces({ accounts: "eoscontract2" }).onMessage(onMessage);

I'm getting the following Error-Message: enter image description here

Does this mean that if I want to stream 2 different actions for two different accounts, I would have to instantiate two EoswsClient-instances and to establish two connections?

Here is the context that I set for the stream:

const undelegatebw = {
  accounts: accounts.join("|"),
  receiver: receivers.join("|"),
  //   action_names: "voteproducer,delegatebw,undelegatebw"
  action_names: "undelegatebw"
const voteproducer = {
  accounts: accounts.join("|"),
  receiver: receivers.join("|"),
  //   action_names: "voteproducer,delegatebw,undelegatebw"
  action_names: "voteproducer"
await dfuseWs.getActionTraces(undelegatebw, options, undelegatebwHandle);
await dfuseWs.getActionTraces(voteproducer, options, voteproducerHandle);

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You have to use two different req_id's if you want to receive specific actions of two contracts.

await dfuseWs.getActionTraces({ accounts: "eoscontract1", action_names: "undelegatebw" }, { req_id: "A" }).onMessage(...);
await dfuseWs.getActionTraces({ accounts: "eoscontract2", action_names: "voteproducer" }, { req_id: "B" }).onMessage(...);

If you want to receive action-traces for every action of both contracts you don't even need to send two requests.

await dfuseWs.getActionTraces({ account: "eoscontract1|eoscontract2"}).onMessage(...);
  • 1
    If this is the case, say if I listen to voteproducer and delegatebw separately, can dfuse guarantee that the actions that I receive on both requests is in the right timely order?
    – Anthony
    Mar 28, 2019 at 15:54
  • Not sure if they can "guarantee" that, you should probably ask in their channel. My personal experience is that it works very well and I personally havn't had any problems with the order of transactions for know and the behaviour/order of respopnses, if it's a normal, inline or deferred trx always seems to be predictable. Same for table-deltas.
    – cmadh
    Mar 28, 2019 at 16:00
  • 1
    No, two streams are not connected together and runs concurrently, ordering is guaranteed only inside a single stream. When two streams are registered, the messages can arrive in any order is you were to "fusion" the streams.
    – Matt
    Mar 28, 2019 at 16:22

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