I am currently writing a blog PoC on EOS. I would like the ability to delete a post. Now deleting by the ID alone is simple, I have it implemented as follows:

whisper::post_index posts(_code, _code.value);
//Find the post with the key
auto itr = posts.find(key);
if (itr != posts.end())

Now obviously anyone can then just pass on an ID and delete a post, so I would like to ensure that only the owner of the post can delete their post.

My posts table does store the owner of the post, it is as follows:

 struct [[ eosio::table, eosio::contract("whisper") ]] posts
    uint64_t key; //Primary key (ID)
    name account; //Account that made the post
    std::string headerImage; //Header image of the post
    std::string title; //Title of the post
    std::string excerpt; //Excerpt of the post
    std::string content; //Content of the post

    uint64_t primary_key() const { return key; }

Is there a way to use .find on the table to search for both the primary key and the owner of the post? If not - how would you suggest on ensuring that only the owner can delete the post?+


Okay so all I did was to check that the account of the iterator after the find was equal to the user making the call. So it ended up looking like this:

//Get the posts
whisper::post_index posts(_code, _code.value);
//Find the post with the key
auto iterator = posts.find(key);
//Check that the post could be found
eosio_assert(iterator != posts.end(), "Post could not be found");
//Check that the user owns the post
eosio_assert(iterator->account == user, "User does not own the post.");
if (iterator != posts.end())
    iterator = posts.erase(iterator);

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