There have been a few tutorials on how to link scatter to a dapp which is just html/js, but those could be outdated due to the speed that eos has developed. What is the latest tutorial on how to link scatter or a mobile wallet to a dapp as of April 2019? What I'm interested in is how does one use their html/js application to communicate with the scatter desktop wallet and mobile wallets like Lynx/Meet.one --- How does clicking on the "login" button on the static html/js page make these wallets popup to prompt you to authorize a login?

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Probably the best tutorial is to take a look at the Universal Authenticator Library - UAL and how it works.

Here are some helpful links:

There are are several different UAL-Repositories + Usage-Examples for use with the different available Wallets.

  • None of these help. Any other examples?
    – Yaroslav
    Commented May 29, 2019 at 15:20

Scatter's documentation is pretty good, it has some decent examples and is what I used along with eosjs.



I assume you've already looked at those, but they're definitely the best starting points :)

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