I have a bunch of user data and I want to store it in the EOS blockchain. Each user data doesn't exceed 1kb. At most it is just: name, phone, email, btc address, and btc private key (encrypted).

I currently have this data in mysql database and I'd like to migrate it to EOS.

  • Do I use memo field or some other type of eos storage to save this data?
  • How do I retrieve it using public api's? What program do I use? Examples?

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  1. Don't store personal information like email-addresses or phone-numbers on a public blockchain !!!

  2. The memo-field itself has nothing to do with the type of storage as it's just an action-parameter of type string which doesn't say anything about the type of storage used.

  3. Please follow the Data Persistence , Address-Book-Tutorial. It will also teach you the difference between the different storage-variants and how a typical memo-field works. Choosing the right type of storage for your application depends on the use-case and application-architecture.

  4. There are several different ways to receive the data - public rpc-endpoints, dfuse, openapi, running your own node etc. What to choose depends on the use-case and your application-architecture.


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