How do we get records from a table by pages?

My requirement: I have a table with 100 records and want to display all these records in my front-end-application with 10 records per page and if the user hits the 'Next'-button, the records from the next page (e.g 11 to 20, 21 to 30 etc.) have to be queried.

Likewise when hitting the 'Prev'-button, the previous 10 records have to queried. How can I implement this logic using EOSJS's(V20.0.0) and the get_table_rows()-endpoint?

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This has its limitations but if you are fetching a table by the primary key which is an incremented integer value, you could use a combination of lower_bound, upper_bound, and limit and do something like this:

// base setup
var pageSize = 10
var curLower = 0
var curUpper = pageSize - 1
// fetch first page
fetchRows(curLower, curUpper, pageSize) 

// next btn click
handleNext(curLower, curUpper, pageSize) {
  curLower = curUpper + 1
  curUpper += pageSize
  const res = fetchRows(curLower, curUpper, pageSize)
  if(res.rows.length < pageSize) {
    curUpper = curLower + res.rows.length - 1
    // handle last page

// prev btn click
handlePrev(curLower, curUpper, pageSize) {
  curUpper = curLower - 1
  curLower -= pageSize
  const res = fetchRows(curLower, curUpper, pageSize)
  if(curLower == 0) {
    // handle first page

async fetchRows(lower, upper, pageSize) {
  const res = await rpc.get_table_rows({
    json: true,              
    code: <my_contract>,     
    scope: <my_scope>,         
    table: <my_table>,        
    limit: pageSize,               
    reverse: false,         
    lower_bound: lower,
    upper_bound: upper
  return res

Needs more handling for stuff like res.rows.length < pageSize in first page, handling of results that aren't first/last page... but you get the point.

  • But then how to show the total number of pages?
    – Varsh
    Commented Apr 12, 2021 at 7:40

Typo in code example above on these lines:

    reverse = false,         
    lower_bound = lower,
    upper_bound = upper 
                ^- Not valid JSON - replace = with :

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