In eosjs@16.0.9 I have a Eos.modules.format.encodeName()

Is there something like that in eosjs@20.0.0 or what can I use to replace it?


This module is often used in conjunction with get_table_rows(). If this is the case, you no longer need to encode names when making requests to this method. Simply pass the key as part of the lower_bound parameter.

For example you may make a request like this:

const resp = await rpc.get_table_rows({
  json: true,              // Get the response as json
  code: 'eosio',     // Contract that we target
  scope: 'eosio',         // Account that owns the data
  table: 'deposits',        // Table name
  lower_bound: 'ACCOUNT_NAME_HERE',   
  limit: 1               // Maximum number of rows 
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    I still need to fetch all the entries for an account name of secondary index, so this doesn't help. Aug 14 '19 at 14:04

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