I did participate in the EOS ICO. I did register my ETH - account and did get: 1 Public Key (starting with "EOS...") and 1 Private Key (Starting with a "5...).

My question now is... How do I get this EOS on my Ledger Nano S, so that I don't have to worry about my private keys anymore (so that they are on the Ledger Nano S, and that they never could get exposed)?

To be clear, am I correct with my interpretations of the actual situation? Correct me if I’m wrong!

  • To be more safe, I need to have a pair of ‘Active Keys’ and a pair of ‘Owner Keys’.
  • A pair of Owner Keys will have a ‘Public Key’ and a ‘Private Key’
  • A pair of Active Keys will also have a ‘Public Key’ and a ‘Private Key’
  • Right now, I only have 1 pair (the ‘Public Key’ and the ‘Private Key’, which I got from the ICO) – So you could say that my ‘Owner Key pair’ and my ‘Active Key Pair’ are the same at the moment.
  • With your Active Key (pair) you can do almost everything: receiving EOS, sending EOS tokens, use it for smart contracts, …
  • With your Owner Key (pair) you can do the same, but with a very important difference: your owner key could be used to change or disable your active key, and even to make changes to your Owner key.
  • With a Ledger Nano S, you will have your EOS Owner Key on your device, and this Private Owner Key will never leave your Ledger Nano S. Your Ledger Nano S could only be used ‘to approve’ things like making changes to the active keys, to send tokens, etc.
  • With a Ledger Nano S, you will also have your EOS Active Key on your device, so that the Private Active Key never leave your device, and is only used to ‘approve things’.
  • So I need to make a new pair of the Owner Key (private + public) and a new pair of the Public Key (private + public). I need to do this with my Ledger Nano S, so that the new Private Keys of my Owner key AND of my Active Key are only on my Ledger Nano S.
  • When I make a new pair of Owner and Active keys with my Ledger Nano S, I will do this with my original Keys I did got from the ICO (so 1 Public Key and 1 Private Key). After this is done, the old Public Key and old Private Key are not in use anymore for the EOS network, and they can not longer be used to have access to my funds, nor to make changes to the Active keys.
  • But! The Keys I got from the ICO (1 Public and 1 Private Key) are still important to keep: there could have been ‘airdrops’ and other benefits linked to these keys. I could use these keys to have the benefits from these ‘airdrops’.
  • So I need to find a way how to make an account with my Ledger Nano S, so I could change the Public Key + the Private Key I own from the ICO in to a new pair of Owner Keys and Private Keys, generated on the Ledger Nano S? Does anyone have a link to a good guide for doing this?


Should I just make a ‘New account’ with my ledger Nano S and just send my EOS from the original Private Key and Public Key to my Ledger Nano S EOS – account?

I think I need to do it following these steps (correct me if I'm wrong):

  • Install Fairy Wallet
  • Connect to the EOS Mainnet by using and endpoint like https://eos.greymass.com / http://api-mainnet.starteos.io / https://node1.eosphere.io / …
  • Next I need to make a personal account:
  • ‘Create account window’ will pop up after connecting to the EOS Mainnet.
  • I need to get a public key by clicking on ‘Get public Key’
  • I will need to verify that the Public Key showed on the screen is matching with the public key showed on my Ledger Nano S and confirm it.
  • Then I copy this public key and in the Fairy Wallet there will now be a screen which is linked to https://create-eos-account-for.me – service. (Or I could go to https://eos-account-creator.com/ - and create an account here, with my ledger public key)
  • Here I paste the Key that just showed on my ledger device (or will my ledger device show 2 public keys? Active and Owner?).
  • Then I will get a Owner Public Key and an Active Public Key.
  • I will have to choose a unique Account Name and add it here, and I need to add the Public Owner(?) Key here as well.
  • Then I will have to pay for the account creation (by Paypall, or EOS, … )
  • Then I click on my account name in the fairy wallet to enter, and I am good to go

  • (Or do I don’t have a different Owner Private key and a different Active key- are they the same with Ledger?)

Thanks in advance for your help and insights!

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