suppose I have:

struct [[eosio::table]] _test {
  asset supply;
  uint64_t primary_key() const {
    return supply.symbol.code().raw();
typedef eosio::multi_index<name("test"), _test> test;

and want to build a function like this:

_test* token::test_get(symbol sym)
    test t(_self, _self.value);
    auto r = t.find(sym.code().raw());
    eosio_assert(r != t.end(), "No such symbol in test table");
    return r;

when I try to compile it complains:

token.cpp:319:2: error: unknown type name '_test'

_test* token::token_get(symbol sym) ^

token.cpp:324:10: error: no viable conversion from returned value of type 'eosio::multi_index<14831598679621632000, eosio::token::_test>::const_iterator' to function return type 'int *' return r;

so obviously I don't have the return type right but why can't it find the struct definition? and what would be the right return type? I find nothing in the docs about how to do this

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