Does anyone know how to pass an assets symbol_name in as an argument to an action? I have been trying the following:


"types": [{
"new_type_name": "symbol_name",
"type": "uint64"

and .cpp

void contract::getsymbol(symbol_name sym) {
    print("Symbol is ", name{sym});

However when I try to pass in a symbol like TEST a get the following error:

Couldn't parse uint64_t

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void contract::getsymbol(string sym) { symbol_type symb = string_to_symbol(4,sym.c_str()); print("Symbol is ", sym); print(symb.name()); }

  • As I am not able to see your code but I think you would probabily imported the symbol.hpp .Did your code work ? Aug 24, 2018 at 12:09

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