I'm migrating from @scatterjs/eosjs eosjs@16.0.9 to @scatterjs/eosjs2 eosjs@20.0.0.

using eosjs I had the following solution:

Eos.modules.format.encodeName(name, false)

using eosjs2 I found the following but doesn't really work:

const buffer: Serialize.SerialBuffer = new Serialize.SerialBuffer();
var number = buffer.getUint64AsNumber();

In the source code says: "Get a uint64 as a number. Caution: number only has 53 bits of precision; some values will change. numeric.binaryToDecimal(serialBuffer.getUint8Array(8)) recommended instead"

But I really don't know how to use it!
where can I get this "numeric" reference from?
How to import it?
what is the whole code to encode a name and get its uint64 value representation?


  • I think this package might help you. – Manh Vu Sep 29 '19 at 17:01

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