I have followed the Boot Bios sequence of eosio and setup a eos private blockchain. The problem is my even though i have created also Block producers and also voted for them still the blocks are getting signed or produced by only eosio not my created block producers and also in the schedule list of block producers there's only eosiowith its producer key. Can anyone help me out with this that how to put the created block producers on the block producers schedule list.

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First, you have to register 21 BPs.

Second, Check the token. In order to change the BP, requirement is minimum 15% of tokens have been staked to producers votes.

https://developers.eos.io/eosio-nodeos/docs/bios-boot-sequence //chapter 3.

If you issued the token 10000 EOS, 1500 of tokens have been staked to producers votes.

And, if you want to edit the BP's number


 void system_contract::update_elected_producers( block_timestamp block_time ) {
  _gstate.last_producer_schedule_update = block_time;

  auto idx = _producers.get_index<"prototalvote"_n>();

  std::vector< std::pair<eosio::producer_key,uint16_t> > top_producers;

  for ( auto it = idx.cbegin(); it != idx.cend() && top_producers.size() < 21 && 0 < it->total_votes && it->active(); ++it ) {
     top_producers.emplace_back( std::pair<eosio::producer_key,uint16_t>({{it->owner, it->producer_key}, it->location}) );

  if ( top_producers.size() < _gstate.last_producer_schedule_size ) {

21 --> Desired number

Fianlly. Check the vote producer

./cleos system listproducers

you can see how many staked token were voted


You simply need to issue and stake over 150M tokens from the eosio.token contract as it is hardcoded into the eosio.system contract, https://github.com/EOSIO/eosio.contracts/blob/master/contracts/eosio.system/include/eosio.system/eosio.system.hpp#L67.

There is no additional requirement to register 21+ BPs.

Complete Steps to Activate Fully Featured Testnet

  • Add producer1 to nodeos config.ini along with private signing key
  • Create system blockchain accounts
    • eosio.token
    • eosio.msig
    • eosio.bpay
    • eosio.names
    • eosio.ram
    • eosio.ramfee
    • eosio.saving
    • eosio.stake
    • eosio.vpay
    • eosio.rex
  • Deploy system contracts (bios before system)
    • eosio.bios
    • eosio.token
    • eosio.msig
    • eosio.system
  • Create EOS token with at LEAST 150M supply
  • Issue tokens to eosio and stake at LEAST 150M tokens
  • Create producer1 account
  • Register producer1 as BP with private signing key setup in config.ini
  • Vote producer1 as BP
  • Testnet is now active and should be fully functional with producer1 signing blocks

I have already filed an issue with the eosio.system contract to resolve the erroneous error message or logic.

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