I have been developing against a local node, for which I created a key-pair. Now that it's time to publish to the testnet, I've imported said private key into Scatter and linked it to the account to which I'll be publishing. when I try it:

$ cleos -u https://kylin.eos.dfuse.io/ set contract MYACCT . token.wasm token.abi -p MYACCT@active

where MYACCT is a placeholder for the real account, I get the error:

Failed to get existing code hash, continue without duplicate check... Reading WASM from /Users/ekkis/dev/token.wasm... Publishing contract... Error 3090003: Provided keys, permissions, and delays do not satisfy declared authorizations Ensure that you have the related private keys inside your wallet and your wallet is unlocked. Error Details: transaction declares authority '{"actor":"MYACCT","permission":"active"}', but does not have signatures for it.

I presume that though -u is being passed to cleos, the wallet held by my local keosd daemon is the one being used. Is that so?

If so:

$ cleos wallet keys

properly shows the the public key for the key-pair I created, and:

$ cleos get accounts $PK

shows me the account I'm publishing against in the list returned, and:

$ cleos get account MYACCT

shows me the expected key bound to both permissions "owner" and "active", though:

$ cleos -u https://kylin.eos.dfuse.io get account MYACCT

fails with:

error 2019-06-22T18:41:52.927 thread-0 main.cpp:3899
main ] Failed with error: unspecified (0) unknown key (boost::tuples::tuple): (0 MYACCT)

and if the above queries are invalid because they refer to the account created on the local node and not the one on the testnet, I can verify that the account is linked to the key pair as I can click on the key in Scatter and under the Linked Accounts page I see the desired account under the EOS Kylin Testnet with the word "active" in what seems like a button

I've tried this with --print-request and --print-response but am no wiser for the output

what is my problem and what does it take to publish a contract on a testnet and where can I find an authoritative guide?

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ok. my problem had to do with the fact that the account I presumed existed on Kylin did not. the account creation must have failed and, apparently, Scatter allows linking a key to non-existent accounts. really not good, but it's being fixed in the next release

so I kept looking at Scatter thinking the account was there until someone suggested I check an explorer

so all good now

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