If I have a table in a smart contract with a secondary (non-unique) index, and I am retrieving the rows in this table via the RPC get_table_rows endpoint, how can I retrieve all the rows in the table if the number of rows with a duplicate index value exceed the number of rows returned by get_table_rows?

In other words, say I call get table rows with a lower bound of 0 and get back 10 rows, the last 2 of which have a secondary index value of 132. How can I be sure that if I fetch again that I will get all the remaining entries with a secondary index value of 132? If I send in 132 as the new lower bounds, I will get the two rows I already have back again, plus 8 more rows, all of which might have the same secondary index value. If all 10 results have the same value (132) how can I get the rest?

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