I created a 'create react app' with typescript and I now want to import and use eosjs-ecc

Can I just import it with yarn add eosjs-ecc and then do

import ecc from 'eosjs-ecc'

or do I need to clone the repo then build a browser version with yarn build_browser

(notice the browser section at the bottom of the readme eosjs-ecc)

then copy the built file eosjs-ecc.js into the project and then import that built file with...

import ecc from './scripts/eosjs-ecc.js'

it feels wrong to have to add the js file when all the other file are tsx files. I notice there is no type definitions either.


Yes, that's how you would go about it:

import ecc from 'eosjs-ecc'
// or
const ecc = require('eosjs-ecc')

// example
ecc.randomKey().then(privateKey => {
    console.log('Private Key:\t', privateKey) // wif
    console.log('Public Key:\t', ecc.privateToPublic(privateKey)) // EOSkey...

// Install with:
yarn add eosjs-ecc


An example of LiquidApps using eosjs-ecc in our version of b1's Elemental Battles (http://cardgame1112.dnsregistry1.com/)

const ecc = require('eosjs-ecc')


  • so no need to do the yarn build_browser ? – Bill Jul 27 '19 at 16:12

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