Using json-rpc-cpp library, I am creating EOS Wallet using wallet RPC.

HttpClient *temp = new HttpClient(""); 

string res;
string str = "testwallet1";
temp->SendRPCMessage(str, res);
cout<<"res : "<<res<<endl;

It is create wallet successfully but after that getting following exception.

unknown file: Failure
C++ exception with description "Exception -32603 : INTERNAL_ERROR: : "PW5JcEu7jTXd7XUYLWkPuCUbr1pqBhusqRFfhSVToqUNcDuZ3oeYK"" thrown in the test body.

Then I found that HttpClient return 201 response code. I have no idea how to avoid that exception? Anyone have any idea? Thank you in advance.

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