I want to buy 250KB of RAM on Jungle testnet but don't know the price.

in this thread the answer suggests the command
cleos --url <jungle-testnet-url> system buyram <payer-account> <receiver-account> --kbytes 1000

but now the command does not have --kbytes option, here is the doc ref

Can anyone help to find that info? THanks in advance.

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It currently cost 0.9298 EOS to purchase 1024 bytes of RAM on the Jungle Testnet.

0.9298 * 250 = 232.45 EOS estimated to purchase 250 kbytes of RAM.

The documentation you linked to is not current. Please refer to the v1.7.4 eosio repo.

   buyram_subcommand(CLI::App* actionRoot) {
      auto buyram = actionRoot->add_subcommand("buyram", localized("Buy RAM"));
      buyram->add_option("payer", from_str, localized("The account paying for RAM"))->required();
      buyram->add_option("receiver", receiver_str, localized("The account receiving bought RAM"))->required();
      buyram->add_option("amount", amount, localized("The amount of tokens to pay for RAM, or number of bytes/kibibytes of RAM if --bytes/--kbytes is set"))->required();
      buyram->add_flag("--kbytes,-k", kbytes, localized("buyram in number of kibibytes (KiB)"));
      buyram->add_flag("--bytes,-b", bytes, localized("buyram in number of bytes"));
      add_standard_transaction_options(buyram, "payer@active");
      buyram->set_callback([this] {
         EOSC_ASSERT( !kbytes || !bytes, "ERROR: --kbytes and --bytes cannot be set at the same time" );
         if (kbytes || bytes) {
            send_actions( { create_buyrambytes(from_str, receiver_str, fc::to_uint64(amount) * ((kbytes) ? 1024ull : 1ull)) } );
         } else {
            send_actions( { create_buyram(from_str, receiver_str, to_asset(amount)) } );

The amount parameter can either be an amount in EOS to spend, or --bytes or --kbytes

"The amount of tokens to pay for RAM, or number of bytes/kibibytes of RAM if --bytes/--kbytes is set"

  • I have tried without amount and with --kbytes and received an error, but that was because of insufficient balance. Now it works, thank you. Aug 28, 2019 at 19:15

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