what is causing this error while im compiling ?

struct [[eosio::table]] requestForLoan{
      uint64_t req_id;
      name borr_name;
      uint64_t borr_id;
      name uwr_name;
      uint64_t uwr_id;
      double loan_amount;
      double interest_rate;
      uint64_t loan_duration;
      bool approvalStatus=false;
      uint64_t primary_key() const {
      return req_id;
      auto get_borrower() const{
      return borr_name.value;

typedef eosio::multi_index <"requestLoan"_n,requestForLoan>requestLoan;
requestLoan reqLoan_table;```

 **error: non-type template argument is not a constant expression
    typedef eosio::multi_index <"requestLoan"_n,requestForLoan_info> requestLoan;**

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"requestLoan" isn't a valid name for an EOSIO table; it only supports lower-case names using alpha characters.


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