at client, I create a signature from seed like this. the key pair is [ '5KgLbwEy7d4qufeLqPnPL1YQU1tscJXCnpqTTn7REaZsjYBjDWr', 'EOS5Mk748B6ojrZdTHP8BoLBXyKjQzzthaqGa4v97vfiGEfbEM2Np']

import ecc from 'eosjs-ecc'
const seed = "aef77b75edac412e578946420597047a514df6b21a8857e0454896efeb3a4ccf"

let signature = ecc.sign(seed, '5KgLbwEy7d4qufeLqPnPL1YQU1tscJXCnpqTTn7REaZsjYBjDWr')
console.log("seed: " + seed)
console.log("signature: " + signature) // THis is the signature what i use 

let verified = ecc.verify(signature, seed, 'EOS5Mk748B6ojrZdTHP8BoLBXyKjQzzthaqGa4v97vfiGEfbEM2Np','utf8',false)
console.log("verified: " + verified) // true!

I sent a action to a eos contract using cleos

cleos.sh push action eosaccount11 finishbet '{"seed":"aef77b75edac412e578946420597047a514df6b21a8857e0454896efeb3a4ccf", "sig": "SIG_K1_..(above signature sting)"}' -p eosaccount11

And finally in the contract,

void finishbet(checksum256 seed, signature sig) {
    assert_recover_key(&seed, (const char *)&sig, sizeof(sig), (const char *)&public_key, sizeof(public_key)); 
// public key is EOS5Mk748B6ojrZdTHP8BoLBXyKjQzzthaqGa4v97vfiGEfbEM2Np

But when I push action, result is Error 3230001: Crypto API Exception Error Details: Error expected key different than recovered key

How can I create a valid signature for assert_recover_key function ?

Any help please.

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