I am looking to integrate EOS to Python based command line tooling and server side backends.

As EOS is young project and information is still dispersed, I am looking for more insight than a Google search what kind of Python toolchains and utilities there exist for EOS at the moment?

Notably I found this project for testing and deploying smart contracts - http://eosfactory.io/sphinx/build/html/ - I ideally would like to run py.test based end-to-end test suites against my smart contract codebase.


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I ran into github to answer your question and found a very interesting project.



I am trying to use EOS rpc APIs by python. So, I started with my own wrapper for python. This is the link.
It is in very early stage. If you want to contribute, you are very welcome.

When we push a transaction from command line, it requires only one command but while using rpc APIs you have to make multiple request to push a transaction. So, for that I have written a separate class where you can push a transaction using only one function. Do try that and let me know your views.



I would like to add to JavaHead1560's answer by recommending the use of shlex package, which correctly deals with cases with quoted contents inside command.

import shlex, json
import subprocess
from subprocess 

def do_cmd(command):
    return subprocess.check_output(shlex.split(command))

info = json.loads(do_cmd("cleos system buyram account1 account2 '1 EOS' -j"))

you can run the different programs (cleos/nodeos/keosd) in python like you can run any other command:

import subprocess
import smtplib
from subprocess import PIPE

def do_cmd(command):
    return subprocess.check_output(command.split(" "))
do_cmd("cleos -u http://mainnet.genereos.io get info")

Alternatively here's a link to the API documentation: https://developers.eos.io/eosio-nodeos/reference#get_info

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