I want to implement "continious minting" which means first I should call issue, and only then transfer.

My contract has a functionality of eosio.token . I call create to create my token with max_supply and supply=0.0000 . Under certain circumstances I should call issue, then transfer to fund some account. I would prefer to include these actions into one transaction. I wonder is there any guarantee on the order of execution of actions inside one transaction.

OR, I can create new action which will call these two actions inside: two inline actions. But, still I don't know, is there a guarantee on inline action execution?

  • there's guarantee for the order of inline action execution, but not transaction
    – Jimmy Guo
    Oct 9 '19 at 2:00

Yes there is a guarantee on the order of actions within a transaction. So you can either create two inline actions that you call from a single action. Or you can create a transaction with the two actions in the correct order and push that transaction to chain.

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