I am trying to push a transaction to another account through eosjs. But before doing that I want to call the balance of that account to check if the person is trying to transfer a higher value than what is present in his account.

To do this I call the balance in another function. This part works, the balance comes back and I am able to compare it, but then my transaction push stops working. It gives me the error

Error: Abi 'tokenAccount' is not cached action.data transaction.actions

If however I remove this function, my transaction works perfectly.

I think it might be something to do with how I am setting the keyProvider, tell me if I am wrong.

Can I call another function which uses a different key provider than the function I am calling it from and then work?

I set the key provider like this

config.keyProvider = privateKey;
const eos = Eos(config);

in both the functions.

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