I've noticed something strange that is confusing me. I have a transaction that includes multiple actions on it, but it appears that the "transfer" action did not get recorded in the actual block. You can see the transaction here with all its actions:


However, if you lookup the block itself (#85243597):

curl -X POST https://api.eosnewyork.io/v1/chain/get_block -d '{"block_num_or_id":"85243597"}' > eosBlock.json

And then search for that transaction ID, only one of the actions is included, and the "transfer" action is missing.

What is going on here? How are these public block explorers getting the full transaction info if its not recorded in the block?

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The sendexternal-transaction is the only trx that is send, rest are inline-actions or actions instructed through notifications/dispatchers and are therefore not part of the block. Only explicit actions which are part of the transaction and the signature-calculations are part of the block.

See the hierarchical structure here: bloks.io#85243597

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