I am getting failed to retrieve account for eosio.token while transferring tokens from account1 to account2.

(dev) root@dev-eosio-1:/home/ldxdev/sghxtoken$ cleos get currency balance token1 hext42fasv5q TKNX
25.0000 TKNX
(dev) root@dev-eosio-1:/home/ldxdev/sghxtoken$ cleos transfer account1 account2 '10.0000 TKNX' 'hello'
Error 3060002: Account Query Exception
Most likely, the given account doesn't exist in the blockchain.
Error Details:
Fail to retrieve account for eosio.token
(dev) root@dev-eosio-1:/home/ldxdev/sghxtoken$ 

This makes no sense to me, can someone suggest a solution tho this problem?

  • We would have to know how you setup your testnet. Does the account eosio.token exist? Your error output indicates it doesn't. You would have had to follow a working guide that has you create the eosio.token account and deploy the token contract to it. – netuoso - EOS Titan Oct 31 '19 at 13:41

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