I learning eosio system contract, I found that when any block-producer call claimrewards action then there is 5% (of total supply per year) is inflated, in which 4% goes to eosio.saving account, 0.25% to eosio.bpay account and 0.75% of eosio.vpay account. Now I have following questions:

  1. If block-producers stop claiming (stop calling claimrewards action of eosio.system smrat contract) then what happens ?
  2. How actual block-producers are paid through bpay and vpay account, as tokens are transferred to bpay and vpay accounts instead of block-producer account, then how bpay and vpay transfer this token to bp (also share code) ?
  3. What is purpose of eosio.saving account ? and how can I utilize this account, in my local chain.

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