Given a transaction id, how to get all actions of this transaction?

For example, this transaction 3871d503ec18800861f83851762455491c88e459e0c70d830ed0120134083501 has a inline action that calls another contract, so it has two actions in total.

I tried to use rpc.history_get_transaction():

const fetch = require('node-fetch'); // node only; not needed in browsers
const { JsonRpc } = require('eosjs');

const api_endpoint = 'https://eos.infstones.io';
const rpc = new JsonRpc(api_endpoint, { fetch });

(async ()=> {
  const response = await rpc.history_get_transaction(

The traces field in the response is an empty array, while it should be an array with two elements.

I found that rpc.get_table_rows() might be another way, but I don't know how to use it.

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Calling history/get_transaction will return the transaction with all the data belonging to it.

You can find inline-traces in the "traces"-section of the returned json.

But be aware, the history-plugin has been deprecated so the endpoint is likely to change.

  • Thanks for your reply. Actually I tried this API at beginning, it can return almost all information about a transaction, but sadly traces is not included. Commented Nov 24, 2019 at 12:08

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