I am having a non-producing node for my chain. But when I run the command cleos create account eosio myaccount PUB_KEY PUB_KEY

But it stuck somewhere. No output for a long time. I have put --print-request --print-response and here is the output

POST /v1/chain/push_transaction HTTP/1.0
content-length: 516
Accept: */*
Connection: close

  "signatures": [
  "compression": "none",
  "packed_context_free_data": "",
  "packed_trx": "066dfb5c00000000000000000000010000000000ea305500409e9a2264b89a010000000000ea305500000000a8ed3232660000000000ea305500d4d54861859db901000000010002c81c351bce805f167cb7b5b12d63b7885028e02f84b0100000000"

There was all request and response but this one was the last one. And it stuck here. No further response there after push_transaction request.

I have configured signature-provider in config.ini PUB_KEY=KEY:PRI_KEY

And I am not providing any producer-name.

Please help with this one.

  • Can you post the config.ini (without the private key) in your question please? Then we can assess what is going wrong better – Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 Jun 3 at 16:49

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