I am making an offline transaction. I am providing the API with the following parameters as an object:

rpc: new JsonRpc('https://jungle.eos.dfuse.io/', { fetch }),
signatureProvider: new JsSignatureProvider(this.privateKeys),
textDecoder: new TextDecoder(),
textEncoder: new TextEncoder(),
chainId: 'e70aaab8997e1dfce58fbfac80cbbb8fecec7b99cf982a9444273cbc64c41473',
abiProvider, authorityProvider: Promise.resolve(this.privateKeys)

I am fetching the abi from /get_raw_abi. Using JSON.stringify() to convert it into a string, then converting it to base64 using buffer, then converting that to binary by base64ToBinary

I am saving the result as follows:

const result = await this.eosApi.transact({
    actions: [createAccount, buyRam, delegateBw],
    ref_block_num: refBlockNum,
    ref_block_prefix: RefBlockPrefix,
    expiration: new Date(new Date().getTime() + 30 * 60000)
    }, {
    broadcast: false, sign: true

I am getting the error: Error: fetching abi for eosio: Unsupported abi version

Where am I going wrong?


It would be easier to help you out if you'll post the definitions of createAccount, buyRam, delegateBw & abiProvider and tell us what eosjs version you're using. :)

Post comment edit: Found the issue - eosjs's JsonRpc currently messes things up when being instantiated with an endpoint with a trailing forward slash, just use https://jungle.eos.dfuse.io instead of https://jungle.eos.dfuse.io/.

P.S. - I was about to open a pull request for eosjs to fix this, but then I saw they already fixed it in the develop branch - https://github.com/EOSIO/eosjs/blob/develop/src/eosjs-jsonrpc.ts#L33 (damn...)

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