Typical eosio transactions fall just outside of the amount of data that can be sent over a LoRa radio frequency network packet.

Is it possible to pack a transaction and submit it to the network with only the serialized data in the "actions" object ... like this?:

cleos convert pack_transaction '{
  "expiration": "2018-08-02T20:24:36",
  "ref_block_num": 14207,
  "ref_block_prefix": 1438248607,
  "max_net_usage_words": 0,
  "max_cpu_usage_ms": 0,
  "delay_sec": 0,
  "context_free_actions": [],
  "actions": [{
      "data": "0000000000ea305500a6823403ea30550100000001000240cc0bf90a5656c8bb81f0eb86f49f89613c5cd988c018715d4646c6bd0ad3d8010000000100000001000240cc0bf90a5656c8bb81f0eb86f49f89613c5cd988c018715d4646c6bd0ad3d801000000"
  "transaction_extensions": []

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