Every single example out there that shows how to use a secondary index in the EOSIO platform, including the scant documentation on the function found here: https://eosio.github.io/eosio.cdt/latest/group__multiindex/#function-get_index, declares its value locally using the keyword auto, like this:

void myaction() {
    auto zip_index = addresses.get_index<name("zip")>();

As I don't need to initialise this value in every method where I use it, I'd like to declare it in my contract class and initialise it in the constructor. However, I cannot declare it in the class using auto:

/Users/ekkis/dev/eos/dapp.cpp:39:5: error: 'auto' not allowed in non-static class member auto idxtst;

can anyone tell me how to properly declare the correct type?

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