const { Api, JsonRpc } = require('eosjs');
    const fetch = require('node-fetch'); 
    const rpc = new JsonRpc('https://api.jungle.alohaeos.com:443', { fetch });

    let validAccounts =await rpc.history_get_key_accounts(pubkey)

I'm getting output as: { account_names: [] } But the account does exist for the public key.

Are there any api endpoints of jungle bloks to get the accountname from public key?

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Well, you'll need to work with a node that has the history API plugin enabled, try using this: https://api-kylin.eoslaomao.com.

Note: The history API plugin is deprecated, so do take into consideration this API might stop working.


'https://lightapi.eosgeneva.io/api/key/' this history API plugin for jungle testnet is working.

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