I would like to check in my contract the incomming amount.

I tried these:

void mycontract(name from, name to, eosio::asset quantity, std::string memo){

    check( quantity.amount > 50, "must transfer only maximum 50 tokens/transaction" );


if(quantity.amount > 50) { }

But these not working.

  • I don't get error mesagess, but the if (...) always running... – Efraim Jan 14 at 5:49
  • yes used transfers. – Efraim Jan 14 at 7:19

Well, you're expecting this check to ensure that the amount is over 50.0 tokens, but the thing is that asset.amount is an integer, so let's say your token has 6 decimals, then you'd want this assertion to be:

check( quantity.amount > 50000000, "must transfer only maximum 50 tokens/transaction" );

more examples:

  • 5.1234 EOS's amount will be 51234
  • 20.0000000000 BNT's amount will be 200000000000
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  • Thank You It is works fine. – Efraim Jan 14 at 12:03

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