Is the local test node instance here same as the one in Ethereum and synchronizes all blocks from the public test chain? Or it does it start from the genesis block and contain only my data?

Is there a need to set up a private network if I don't want to make any changes to genesis block but just want to run a dapp in sandbox environment and host on a single node?

I did read eosio documentation but I don't have clarity.


There are different test nets for different purposes (from AlohaEOS):


CryptoKylin is a developer friendly EOS testnet with the mainnet token snapshot partially applied (accounts created but not all EOS transferred). The eosio account is resigned like mainnet, so changes take approval from 15 BPs.


Jungle is a developer friendly EOS testnet with the mainnet token snapshot fully applied. A difference is the eosio account is not resigned like mainnet and can be used by the admin to make any change.

You can also check the developer portal for more information & links.

You shouldn't need a private network for most app development/testing purposes.

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  • But testnets may clean my data after a certain time. What could I do to avoid data loss? – coder Jan 27 at 5:42

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