I am running several docker images, one of them is EOSIO blockchain. The block production log it produces fills the terminal. I don't want to see it, the logs of other containers are much more important, and not the blockchain's logs.

I don't want to detach from all containers, and docker-compose does let you detach from only one container.

I tried to redirect the logs into a file. But there comes another problem. When I stop the container with Ctrl+C, the next time I run, I got 'database dirty flag set' which means abnormal exit. I can add '--hard-replay', but it's not the right way, I think.

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The new documentation explains how logging works in nodeos.

You have to create a logging.json file in the config_dir for nodeos.

I believe (although I haven't tested it), that you can disable logging with:

  "name": "consoleout",
  "type": "console",
  "args": {
    "stream": "std_out",
  "enabled": false
  • This worked, thank you. Actually, I have solved my problem with tini, after reading this post. And that way I'm redirecting logs, so I save them. Feb 7, 2020 at 8:23

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