With the recent resources causing transactions to get stuck. Is there a way to gauge if my transaction would get stuck? Is there some type of graph or chart to see how much of the resources are free to use?

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You can use the following command line argument:

cleos -u $eos get table eosio eosio rexpool

This will show a result something like this:

  "rows": [{
      "version": 0,
      "total_lent": "47137407.6385 EOS",
      "total_unlent": "20952015.1375 EOS",
      "total_rent": "11766.0122 EOS",
      "total_lendable": "68089422.7760 EOS",
      "total_rex": "677469852402.5966 REX",
      "namebid_proceeds": "0.0000 EOS",
      "loan_num": 256463
  "more": false,
  "next_key": ""

Here you can see how much EOS is being lent, and how much is still lendable, etc.

There are also various websites which show REX statistics, such as https://bloks.io/rex?tab=pool


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