Which is the accurate method to get the block number to which a transaction is written after executing a transaction?

The resposne of push_transaction API is not accurate

Can anyone help me with this?


You can access it from the command line using:

cleos get transaction TRANSACTION_ID | jq '.block_num'

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  • I need the block number immediately after the transaction is executed to store it in my database. – Muhzin Feb 5 at 10:51
  • Can you explain in more detail in your question exactly what you want/need? – Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 Feb 5 at 11:01
  • I doing server-side transaction signing and push the transaction using push_transaction API. I have to store the returned Block number immediately in my DB for further reference. The problem is, the instantly returned block number is not accurate. I need the correct block number to which the transaction is written after pushing it – Muhzin Feb 6 at 5:23


the "result" contains several pieces of information including the transaction id and the corresponding block number.

const result = await api.transact({...})
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