I am trying to connect Java to EOSIO using eosio-java example.

tried with gradle and maven in java, with the below example


Two classes are not found. I am stuck between Java and Android.

The classes - EosioJavaRpcProviderImpl & AbiEosSerializationProviderImpl provided as aar file and java uses jar file and can't find these classes to connect to EOSIO.

Any help will be much appreciated.

IRPCProvider rpcProvider = new EosioJavaRpcProviderImpl("https://baseurl.com/v1/");
ISerializationProvider serializationProvider = new AbiEosSerializationProviderImpl();
IABIProvider abiProvider = new ABIProviderImpl(rpcProvider, serializationProvider);
ISignatureProvider signatureProvider = new SoftKeySignatureProviderImpl();

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