I'm a rookie when it comes to developing Dapps. I'm thinking of doing a project using EOSIO. I just need to do a demo to showcase my project so I don't need to deploy it for others to use.

I don't have enough money to buy EOS RAM. So, I have some questions about the cost of a EOSIO project:

  1. Does it cost money to use EOSIO testnet to create test users for demonstration purposes only?

  2. Is it possible to hook up EOSIO testnet with a frontend website that is online for demo purpose only?

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On the testnet, RAM is costs fake-EOS, and you can get that for free from the faucet on the appropriate testnet website.

So yes, it is possible to set up a EOSIO dApp on the testnet without it costing any money, and it is also possible to hook up the testnet with a frontend website.

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