I have set up EOSIO using windows subsystem for linux (ubuntu 16.04). Nodeos and Keosd are running.

I am able to get a response in browser using the chain api


{"server_version":"e19afc80","chain_id":"cf057bbfb72640471fd910bcb67639c22df9f92470936cddc1ade0e2f2e7dc4f","head_block_num":9761 ....}

However, I am unable to connect this node with EOS Studio under custom network mode. EOS Studio won't allow me to connect to this as local node since it asks to install a local node using docker. But I have set up Eosio and eosio.cdt using windows subsystem for linux in my machine.

How to connect this node to EOS Studio using custom network / any mode?

If it helps, when I navigate to http://localhost:8888 rather than the full path above, I get the below error. But when I use the full url above, I get the output with chain_id, etc.

{"code":404,"message":"Not Found","error":{"code":0,"name":"exception","what":"unspecified","details":[{"message":"Unknown Endpoint","file":"http_plugin.cpp","line_number":380,"method":"handle_http_request"}]}}

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