I am having issues compling the eosio.system contract with the new eosio 2.0 upgrades I keep generating the same error below. What could be the cause of this error ?

include/eosio.system/eosio.system.hpp:186:18: error: no type named 'block_signing_authority' in namespace 'eosio' inline eosio::block_signing_authority convert_to_block...

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You need the latest version of eosio.cdt (currently v1.7.0) to build eosio.contracts.

eosio 2.0 now supports WTMsig, weighted threshold multi-signature authorities for block production, so eosio.system contract will take block_signing_authority type for block production schedule instead of producer_key type.


I have the latest version that I am using but I am still running into this issue when I try to compile and deploy the eosio.system contract.

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