I've been reading a couple of articles about IBC using EOS like this one. The problem is I don't know how to achieve this since most articles don't provide specific information.

I wanna know if I can call actions on the mainnet from a contract on a private blockchain. If not, how about using HTTP calls from the private blockchain?

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There is no standard implementation yet. You can refer to how BOS (another chain based on EOSIO) does this. [link]


Yes this is possible, this is what we at LiquidApps specialize in. IBC is see being obtained through 2 categories:

  1. Centralized backend
  2. Decentralized using msig or otherwise

Both basically work the same way, a nodejs script listens to a table on the opposing chain for new actions, waits for finality, then pushes the action on the opposing chain.

You can read up on our bridges here (EOSIO <> EOSIO & EOSIO <> EVM) https://liquidapps.gitbook.io/liquidapps-documentation/cross-chain-bridges/getting-started-with-liquidbridge

Example bridges here: https://liquidapps.gitbook.io/liquidapps-documentation/introduction/cross-chain-bridge#production-bridges

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