I am trying this to set eosio.system smart-contract using this command:

cleos set contract eosio /home/varshakhandre14/contracts/newcontract/eosio.contracts/build/contracts/eosio.system/

I am following the BIOS boot sequence tutorial. Getting following error:

Reading WASM from /home/varshakhandre14/contracts/newcontract/eosio.contracts/build/contracts/eosio.system/eosio.system.wasm... Publishing contract... error 2020-05-12T09:41:54.346 cleos
main.cpp:4013 main ] Failed with error: deadline 2020-05-12T09:41:54.343 exceeded by 73us (2) deadline 2020-05-12T09:41:54.343 exceeded by 73us

I search for the solution and found that I need to increase transaction execution time. So I add

--max-transaction-time=1000 in config.ini. Still, I am getting the same issue. Any alternate solution?

  • retry, retry, and retry
    – Jimmy Guo
    May 15 '20 at 6:44
  • Yes, but sometimes it is irritating. When I wrote the script, I had to put this command in the for loop.
    – Varsh
    Mar 23 at 7:19

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